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September 2, 2014


We had few warm days this summer, but September is determined to make up for that.  I’ve spent much of today trying to devise ways to distill the heavy heat into an infusion I could put right into the marrow of me and use all winter to keep away the bone-breaking cold.  As of yet I’ve been unsuccessful.

What He Said: E.B. White

September 1, 2014


One nation’s common sense is another nation’s high blood pressure.  – from The Wild Flag by E.B. White


August 31, 2014


These colors! Just in time for fall.



I hope it turns out the way I’ve been picturing it.  The dream of this particular quilt has been around for longer than I’ve been quilting.  Now the fabric, the design, and the time have aligned. I’ll be happily piecing this week. If I don’t make it in to work on Tuesday, they’ll know where to find me.


Happy Day

August 30, 2014


Tag sale fun
Goodwill drop-off > tag sale pick-up
Beautiful drive, sunny day
Good company
Clean house
Finished quilt
Happy bears
New things to learn
Quiet evening
Happy day



August 29, 2014


An ink stain. On my favorite sweater.  One imagines real writers wouldn’t be bothered. 

Maybe I will wear it when sales people come to the door and I will mutter about needing to get back to work and they will leave immediately, understanding that I must have very important writing to do.

Maybe a simpler plan is to not interrupt the writing to answer the door.  My friends will need a secret knock.

An Actual Conversation: Third Grade

August 28, 2014


Lady Bug’s first half-day seemed to be a success.  She handed me two routine forms to fill out and announced that she had no homework yet.  “Maybe tomorrow,” she said with that tone only a younger sibling can manage.  Lima Bean growled over her fifty math problems.

Both bears were excited and tired.  Early to bed, I encouraged Lady Bug through the necessary bedtime steps.  After teeth brushing and pajamaing I found a path into her room, but stopped just inside the door. 

-Hey, what are all those papers crumpled up on your chair?”

-What papers?

-All the colored papers over there that look like they came from your school? What are those?

She looked at me like I was the least knowledgeable person regarding third grade mechanics ever.

-Oh, those are just papers to go home. I’ll throw them out.

(I get extra credit for not yelling on the first day of school, right?)

-Dude! I am home! When the teacher sends papers home, that means they are sending them to me!!

How many days until summer vacation?

For Lima Bean on the First Day of High School

August 27, 2014


You are the oldest and so we learn together. We have had our share of difficult moments and moments of boundless love.  As you go to high school I want you to always have reminders of that love. Reminders that under, around, behind, and through all of the rough times, that love is strong.

I am a beginning quilter. You get the learning end of that too.


Notice the ripples and pin-tucks across the back and notice the places where the seam is aligned well. Some days come together smoothly, others get a little wrinkly. And still there is love.


Notice the corners and binding spots I got wrong and where I learned to do it better. You will make mistakes. Keep trying. Love will still be here. Love yourself through it.


There is a place along the front where my seam allowance was too small and I ended up with a little tear threatening to become much bigger. I mended it with bright green thread. You will get hurt. You will hurt others. The scars may show. Love first and as soon as possible before the tears get too large. We will love you too.

I found guidance from a multitude of people as I made this quilt.  Know your resources. Gather them around you and nurture those relationships. You are loved by so many more people than just your parents.


You will possibly use this quilt as an emergency napkin or tissue.  It’s all right – you can wash it. Take care of yourself. Be gentle with your spirit. You will do the wrong things sometimes. Clean up and keep loving. Allow yourself to be loved.

Notice that even with the wrinkles and knobby corners and already mended spots that the quilt will still cover you and keep you warm. It does what it is made to do. Even after rough days, mistakes, hurts, and a little dirt you can do what you are here to do. Find it. Live it. Love always.



PS – Now give it back so I can finish the binding!


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