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Independence Day

July 4, 2013

These are stock photographs of the best sort of Smallish Bear.  That is, one who is happy, clean, fed, and not currently adopting her mother’s sister’s sassy attitude.

The Bears are trying to convince Pablo that he wants a dog.  And a swimming pool.  Pablo has counter-offered guinea pigs.  That seemed to be enough until the heat came.  Now the swimming pool is coming up in conversation regularly.

I have not checked my work email in more than twelve hours.  This is a big deal.  Also.  I am taking tomorrow off.  This is partly because I need a break like nobody’s business and mostly because SUPERJONES IS COMING TO VISIT!  This makes me very happy.

Imminent company means I should also be getting a room ready and generally tidying up, but ohmygoodness it is warmish today.  We might head over to Pablo’s later and enjoy the pool.  Oh wait, there’s no pool yet.  Why doesn’t Pablo have a pool?  Why am I suddenly joining these Smallish Bears in whining about it?

More tidying up now.  Making the whole house beautiful.  Not a bad Independence Day at all.

this part of the house is clean

this part of the house is clean

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