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Overheard: Back To School

September 3, 2013

Boy: Yes, but you have a mohawk!  That is perfectly acceptable hair.

A father tries to get his son through the first day of school.  And the rest of life.

Anxious New Fifth Grader: The first day of school is always so chaotic!
Calm, but Slightly Exasperated Father: It doesn’t have to be. Just listen.

On the other side of the schoolyard a woman is forcing a stroller over sidewalk bumps and mud puddles. The first grader hurries to keep up, opening and closing her pink umbrella.
Mother: I will take the umbrella before you go in.
Umbrella-twirler: I won’t play with it, Mommy, I promise! I’ll just keep it with me quiet! I won’t even touch it!
Mother: You are my daughter. I have had you for six years. I know you. Give me the umbrella.

Happy Back to School!
2013-09-02 12.14.22

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