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Progress Report

September 9, 2013

2012-09-10 16.18.24The first week of school always feels so very busy.  Even I am joining in the fun this semester with my first graduate school class.  (There wasn’t enough to do around here, obviously!)  Busy schedules feel even busier when our routines aren’t firmly in place.  This month, the FLYLady focus is on the before bed routine.  I loudly declared here that I would be working on just that very thing.

So far, so good.  I’ve been to bed close to on time every night.  The only thing I’ve missed was yoga on two nights out of eight.  One of those was a night the upstairs neighbors kicked-off a stomp-filled hootenanny just as I was getting ready to begin.  I traded the yoga for some much needed massage.  The other was yesterday.  The day began with the smallest bear climbing into my bed begging to do yoga.  We did sixty minutes!  After that and the ramble through the park, I let myself off the hook for the evening.

The morning is so much easier when the night routine is done.  I love being able to just grab my clothes, to know that my work bag is packed and that the kitchen is clean.  It is nice to wake up to these things.

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