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Just a Small Thing

September 28, 2013

Somewhere between school and the desert and the mountains, I went from reading piles and piles of books to reading a small pile of journal articles, some online news and everyone’s social media postings.  I miss words.  I miss having hours and hours in the day to ingest them.  There are books all over this house that I am part-way through or wanting to read.  There are to-read lists longer than the last book I read!  Time to remedy this.

I put a book on my bed last month.  It had been on the free shelf at work and I’d scooped it up thinking I’d get to it when Lima Bean graduated from high school.  No such delays.  I put it on my bed.  And then I read it.  Just a little.  Sometimes not even two whole pages at night before I would fall asleep.  I have finished this book!  It feels ohsoverygood.  I put another book on my bed this week.  I am halfway through now.

Read this book!

Read this book!

Part of the Bedtime Routine is to do something just for me.  I have chosen to read.  This is my official announcement that this was an amazing idea.

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  1. October 1, 2013 4:52 am

    I remember after graduating from college, rediscovering the concept of reading for pleasure. It was such an intense revelation–I had absolutely forgotten what it was like. I ended up having to ban myself from bookstores for a while and make weekly trips to the library to quench my thirst for new books. It was marvelous.

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