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Last Fruits

October 2, 2013

We had great hopes for the garden this year.  There were late night whisperings about what we would plant, what we would eat.  Me, new to gardening altogether and he, new to gardening in this place.  It was exciting.  We planned and dug and planted.  We ate the first tiny radishes and laughed at how delicious they were.  And then the hospital happened and many things became more important than those few square feet outside the living room windows.

When people asked about the garden, I told them our grass was growing well.  Everything else was fending for itself.  Like us inside the house fighting the weeds, trying to grow.

Our hospital adventures seem to be over for this year.  The Kettle Slayer is strong, moving steadier every day.  This week, I walked to the garden and saw the leeks, bright green and determined.  Tiny.  Thin.  Very much alive and well.  I picked them all.  We ate them together and planned next year’s garden.

2013-09-25 16.27.48

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