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Favorite Sweater, Favorite Socks

October 5, 2013

2013-10-05 15.07.12

These were supposed to be Memorial Day Socks.  Then they were Flag Day Socks, Fourth of July Socks, National Mustard Day Socks and Labor Day Socks.  At long last, they have revealed themselves to be Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos Socks.  I am very happy they are done and I’d like to think that Blessed FXS would be pleased as well if for no other reason than now I know who he was.

2013-10-05 19.20.00

The yarn was really six threads held together.  My favorite green sweater, picked up at a thrift store, had developed a sad, irreparable hole, but I wasn’t ready to part with it completely.  I took most of it apart and made the socks.  I love the greens and how it looks both in sweater form and sock incarnation.  Sadly, there is not enough left to make a second pair, but there is enough to make a frog or lizard or some other small green animal.  We’ll see if that makes it in time for Christmas or if I’ll have to learn about another saint.

I am happy with them.  Now on to the next pair!  Maybe by the New Year?

2013-10-05 19.19.31

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