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Day Twenty Two: Soap is Soap

November 22, 2013

The Kettle Slayer and I have been in fits of giggles this week.  Really, there was nothing else to do.  With me working twelve hour days and bears being bears and him not feeling quite himself, laughter has proven to be the best choice.  I am glad for this.  Glad that his stress response of choice is not to demean or withdraw, glad that he helps me see the light in most things, glad that even when I’ve done something absolutely ridiculous, he does not choose to get angry first.

Nearly asleep, I wrinkle my nose.  “Your shampoo smells wrong.”

“It’s the special stuff,” he mumbles back, clearly ready for sleep and NOT conversation.

“Special stuff?  It smells weird.”

“I only use it once a month or so.  It’s really expensive.  It’s the stuff in the grey bottles.”

I sit straight up.  “The grey bottles?”  I begin to giggle.

“Yes. What’s so funny?”

“I thought those just came with the apartment!  I’ve been using them to clean the toilet.”

We are still laughing.

2013-03-10 16.30.12

The shampoo makes his hair look amazing!

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