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Advent: Making

December 4, 2013


The smallest smallish bear has decided there are not enough ornaments at Talarico House.  I am enjoying her efforts at remedying this.  So far we have a Christmas Elf and a Gingerbread Angel.

I love that her response to not having what she thought we should have was to simply get supplies from the bookcase and begin making.  I love that we all get to see her ideas come to life.  I love that it isn’t complicated – just paper and crayons,  a quick cut around the edge, and (her favorite part) one hole punched in the top.  My job is to cut the yarn and make the hanging loop.

They are small moments and treasured ones.  Remembering to sit quietly and let her explore her world.  Remembering that we don’t always need to hurry from one place to the next.   Right now, we will sit together. I will listen.  We will be making.

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