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Monday Evening at Talarico House

January 13, 2014


We take our thank you notes pretty seriously around here, as you can tell by the thoughtful and articulate note above.  When pressed for details, Lady Bug confessed she had no recollection of which presents had come from this particular giver, but that she thought she should do her best to be polite.  I was able to jog her memory (after I stopped laughing!) and she added some more specific details.

Lima Bean has plans to dress up tomorrow and so there was a little sparkle happening while we read our evening story.  (Don’t be fooled into thinking things are always idyllic around here, today just shaped up super nice and I wanted to remember that sometimes that happens.)


It is dark and cold out there.  Warmer than last week, but still dark and cold.  We are making light in our little house, one glitter flake at a time.


I have woken up for the past four mornings singing This Little Light of Mine.  It has been a reminder, a nudge in the direction of smiles before snark and care before criticism.  It has been loud in my ear and in my heart.  Being light, sharing light even in the dark days. 

Oh universe, keep on sending those gentle and insistent reminders.  And if there could be more days when dinner is on time, bears are pleasant, laundry is caught up, and there is more than enough time for thank yous, nail polish, and stories, well that would be all right too.

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