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Just a Saturday

January 18, 2014


The snow is floating down slowly, big fat clumps too big too be mere flakes.  They are nearly making themselves into snowballs before hitting the ground.

I ventured out to find more wool sweaters for our sewing adventure this afternoon and came home with this cheerful find from the thrift store.


My dining room looks much more cheerful now. 

I also stumbled upon this bit of glitz and nonsense.


The bears will like it.  I found some Valentine treats for both of them as well.  We’ll see if I remember them now that they’re tucked away in the present bowl.  I tend to forget those things.

This book was my first of 2014.  I do love John Irving.  There are elements you know will always make an appearance, but this was an engaging and moving variation on the Irving theme. 


The rest of the day holds sewing, tea, laughter, bears, and maybe a row or two on a sock.  What is filling up your weekend?

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