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Never Again

March 2, 2014

Last week was lost to a software update at work requiring me to be in at 2:00 AM one morning, physical therapy, a birthday, and a not so small thing called Continuing Education.

It wasn’t pretty,  but it all got done and I have already made a better plan for the next two-year cycle.  The Kettle Slayer has declared Never Again and I completely agree.

In happier news, the smallest smallish bear got her very own sewing machine.  She is completely in love. 


In the past two days she has managed to make eight napkins and made a good start on a “Spring Piano Runner” (which will be lovely if I ever get around to putting the nativity set away).  I am glad she enjoys it so much, but had no idea watching/teaching someone to sew would be so exhausting!


I also spent time going through pictures from our time in Japan.  It was good preparation for an upcoming writing project.  Some of the pictures made me laugh so much!  Now on to a better week and the move into the Lenten season. 


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