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Programmers and Other Recent Disasters

March 10, 2014

Two of my projects at work these days are filled with conference calls, testing, and a mild lack of progress.  The problem on one project is that the programmer is not on the call, I have no direct access to them, and every time I ask for something I am told by someone who is not a programmer that it is not possible.  On the other project the problem is that the programmer is on the call.

I’ve been one of the last people in Berkshire County to be hit with the nasty stomach whatever that’s been going around.  Tomorrow I’ll check with my manager and Occupational Health, but I’m pretty sure that means I’m working at home this week.  Not terrible, but it’s really hard to print from here to there and sometimes that’s important.

On the bright side, not being at my desk means I will undoubtedly chip away at some of the neglected items in my to-do folder without being interrupted much.  I am looking forward to that.

Last night, Lima Bean and I watched an episode of Monsters Inside Me. The neurologist from the fancy hospital first states, “The pathology lab calls and says, ‘It’s not a tumor. It’s ova and parasites.'” He then directly goes on to say, “So now we’re immediately thinking Listeria.” Remind me to NEVER see that doctor. For those of you who haven’t yet been to medical or laboratory science school, Listeria is a genus of bacteria.  Parasites are…well, if they have ova we’re NOT talking about bacteria.  I’m hoping it was sloppy editing and they were looking for the bacteria possibilities before that call from the path lab.  Also, I’m a little worried that it took DAYS after the biopsy to identify this organism.  They had the ova.  Lots of them from the sound of the dramatic narration.  That identification should have happened before or right after that call.  I went to bed irritated by this program and woke up irritated.  I need to let it go, but let me just recommend you don’t get your medical facts from Animal Planet.

Also in the ever-changing world of Lima Bean is her social studies class.  This term they’re studying the Holocaust, the American Civil Rights Movement, and the Trail of Tears.  She and I are working hard to find the light in these heavy, heavy topics.  Last summer she happened upon a book at the library, Between Shades of Gray, and checked it out mostly to horrify her father.  (She tried to hide the beginning of the title so he would think it was that other ridiculous book.)  The book tells the story of Lina, a Lithuanian forced to a work camp in Siberia.  A friend reminded me that learning these things, reading these books, hearing these stories helps us remember the good things we have.  After Lima Bean finished that book, she certainly was grateful for her life as it is.  We’ll keep pushing that angle too as well as the reminder that there are still so many who are fighting these fights and we should be standing with them.


That’s all the news from Talarico House tonight.  If you don’t hear from me by Thursday, send food.

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