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Brownie Troop 22

April 7, 2014


Brownie Troop 22 was a fun group to be a part of.  From Good Deed Beads to exchanges with Japanese girls’ groups to Father-Daughter dances, it was an all-around good time.  I made good friends (two Angelas and a Meagan if I remember correctly) and obtained my very own amazing bandana.


See - the skirt thing started early!

I remember going to one event and having to wear my pink Strawberry Shortcake snow boots the entire time because I’d forgotten my shoes.  My feet were so hot!


My Brownie career was short-lived.  When we returned to Maryland our troop was getting ready to do a unit on a foreign culture and they picked Japan.  I was excited! And then suddenly I was no longer going to meetings.  Years later I learned there was a little conflict between leaders when my mother, who had lived in Japan for years, offered resources and her help and the offer was soundly rejected.  So many grown-up interactions unnoticed. That is what childhood should be, I suppose.  It was a great relief to finally know why I wasn’t part of the troop anymore. I’m not one for not knowing.


Sometimes I wish I’d been able to participate longer, but eventually they would have gotten to all of the outside stuff and I’m not sure how well that would have gone then.  And if there was still Girl Scouts, there might not have been orchestra, Pioneer Clubs, theatre.  Those turned out to be pretty good things too.


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