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An Actual Conversation: Third Grade

August 28, 2014


Lady Bug’s first half-day seemed to be a success.  She handed me two routine forms to fill out and announced that she had no homework yet.  “Maybe tomorrow,” she said with that tone only a younger sibling can manage.  Lima Bean growled over her fifty math problems.

Both bears were excited and tired.  Early to bed, I encouraged Lady Bug through the necessary bedtime steps.  After teeth brushing and pajamaing I found a path into her room, but stopped just inside the door. 

-Hey, what are all those papers crumpled up on your chair?”

-What papers?

-All the colored papers over there that look like they came from your school? What are those?

She looked at me like I was the least knowledgeable person regarding third grade mechanics ever.

-Oh, those are just papers to go home. I’ll throw them out.

(I get extra credit for not yelling on the first day of school, right?)

-Dude! I am home! When the teacher sends papers home, that means they are sending them to me!!

How many days until summer vacation?

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