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Heart (Almost) on my Sleeve

September 10, 2014


I had jury duty this week. The courtroom was even more cold than my desk at work.  My favorite warm sweater still had ink on it.  There are people in my county who wouldn’t worry over a little ink.  These are likely the same people who wear pajamas to court.  I am of the stodgy variety who cannot conceive of such a thing.

A quick stitch around a cotton heart and all was well.  And good thing too.  The trial was upsetting. Being wrapped in the warmest and most favorite sweater helped.  The heart may as well have been on my sleeve as I’m sure my emotions were all over my face.

I am glad I could be there. My fellow jurors were thoughtful and kind.  It was not an easy thing, but it is done.  My sweater and I are headed for a nap. Pray my heart will find rest too.

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