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October 23, 2014


The fall cold has hit me hard. I was supposed to teach about proteins this morning, but trusted my heart and taught about rest instead.  It’s week sixteen, I told them. In a normal semester system this would be a break week. Let’s go have breakfast.


We sat at a long table in the cafeteria and I let them tell me their stories. So many roads to the same place. They are dedicated and tired. Rest is important.


We’ll pick up the proteins with an extra lecture on Monday. After the weekend. After a little more rest.


Some lessons I am still learning too. We stayed in tonight and I played in the kitchen, practicing pot roast. I am pleased to report I am getting better at that too. And resting is an important step.


(I used Ina Garten’s Company Pot Roast recipe from barefoot contessa’s back to basics. We didn’t have cognac or  onions -howisthatevenpossible- and I am rarely a celery fan. It was delicious.)

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