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My New Room (and a gratuitous picture of the dog that isn’t mine)

October 28, 2014


This is Sassy. She is the sweetest dog. That means a lot coming from me because I don’t really understand pets. But I understand that other people understand pets and Sassy belongs to the smallish bears. She is lovely, but does not like to sit still for pictures.

My new room is almost done. There is one more curtain to hang and new sheets to go on the NEW MATTRESS!


Since we bought the bed last August, we’ve been using a full-sized futon on the queen-sized frame. It made the bed feel like a little boat you climbed in to. So far (twenty minutes) it is amazing.


The ship is sailing above the jewelry box. The beautiful lamp is near the bed. Every time I see it I am thankful for Spartacus and The Library Fairy and the healing time they let me spend at Shinobi Retreat.


Saint Odile is close by, a gift from Bird Girl when the Kettle Slayer was first ill.


The sparkly mirror is in place and only a tiny bit crooked.


New sheets are ready to be washed. I’m loving this orange! It will look great when the quilt is finished.



Nearly finished. So very thankful for the beauty in this sacred space.

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