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Advent 2014: Day One

November 30, 2014


The view from my sewing room window was grey and gloomy today. Perfect for entering the contemplative season of Advent.

I spent a couple of hours making curtains for Lima Bean’s room.


Birds for Lima Bean and whimsical forest animals for Lady Bug.


This bird is blurry - the way I feel today.

It is the first sewing I’ve done in the new room. I am pleased to report the light is good, the room is cozy, and even the Blushing Winkie approves.




Tomorrow, I’ll work on the Advent calendar and Lady Bug’s curtains. I will do my best to, as a friend said this morning, embrace the season, dark and cold as it is. Breathing in the darkness, waiting for the light.


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  1. December 1, 2014 4:15 am

    What a lovely, thoughtful post. As it’s warm where I live, the idea of such cold, dark days seems very strange. Gorgeously homey however.
    We started the advent time by donating to charity. And a calendar full of sharing and caring activities is to follow. Such a delightful time of year…

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