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2015 Resolutions Check-in

January 16, 2015

In my world, the chances of me achieving a goal are much better when there is a little accountability. Keeping track, checking in. These are good things.

2014 Resolutions that are becoming 2015 Resolutions

Continue to cultivate financial responsibilityPaying off one of the student loans, not adding new debt (unless it’s a HOUSE), and building up the savings account

I’ve been taking my lunch to work, eating breakfast at home and paying close attention to how often we eat out. From watching the receipts last year, I know food spending is the number one area money seems to leak out of my budget.   Amazingly, there has been enough to let me deposit $52.00 into the savings account each Saturday. This is a very encouraging start.

Continue to take care of my home and myself

The kitchen has stayed well in hand and the laundry is caught up. Next week I want to tackle the Shelf of Miscellany in the dish room.

I went to the first yoga class and it was lovely. More moving, a little bit at a time.

Write more – This year, I hope to send off 52 letters to loved ones far and near.
Five letters out so far AND the smallish bears’ school pictures have been sent out. (Before Valentine’s Day! This is truly remarkable.)

2015 Resolutions
Finish two big quilts – No progress here yet, although I did clear off the ironing board in preparation.


Finish six pairs of socks –  One and a half socks done. Well on my way!


Finish the Ocracoke Cardigan – I’ve started the first sleeve six times.  Tomorrow I’ll begin take seven. I am still hopeful.

Read 20 books – Finished one and I’ve begun two more. More books have arrived and are waiting on the night table.

The words I am choosing to focus on this year are these:


We’re only two weeks in to 2015. There is a long way to go. Enjoy your journey, wherever it may lead you.

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