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Working Towards Sabbath

March 2, 2015

Reading and rereading

This book sits on my night table, waiting for me to get back to it. I am slow to pick it up, spending more time working or, more likely, knitting.  It isn’t a compelling book and I’m trying to reason out why.


Knitting is more fun than this book

The writing is flat and I’m sure that’s part of why it’s been hard for me to really dig into it, but even more than that is the fact that the lesson is a difficult one for me.  Sabbath? When there are smallish bears who seem to need constant herding? When there are house things and quilty things and knitting things? When there are student loans and utility bills and rent and just barely enough to do all of that and buy groceries?

Sabbath. Who has time for that?


I stare over here when I'm thinking about difficult things

“Our living has become highly mediated, without spontaneity or directness.” – Norman Wirzba in Living the Sabbath

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