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One More Row?

March 10, 2015

Starting the cuff

The cuff of the sock is a tricky thing. Not so much in terms of technique, the knitting can be as plain or as complicated as I choose, but in terms of how long to knit before stopping is the right choice. I worry a lot about not having enough yarn.
This is an incredibly silly worry, especially when knitting from two skeins each of which is perfect for exactly one sock. Knit to the end of the skein, be done. Simple.


Not long enough

Perfect knitting for a day home sick.  Knit two, purl two, repeat until there is no more yarn.



And once it is long enough, the estimating begins. Enough for one more row? I think so. Keep knitting. One more row? Until it starts to feel risky and I am sure there is a genuine concern there won’t be yarn remaining to complete the binding off.

I’ve been doing this for a while now. I’ve never actually run out of yarn. And so I push past the nervous feeling for one more row. And one more row. And one more even.


2015 3.1

When I can’t take it any longer, I bind off and always laugh at how much is left.


Look at that quilt! (And all that yarn.)

A pair of rainbow socks from the leftover bits lengths is in order soon, I think.

For now, another toe is coming into shape. March 10 and I’m beginning sock six of my six pair goal. Nearly halfway done!


Low light Sock 2015 3.2

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