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Forty Days With the Animal Poo

May 12, 2015


This is a season of transition. As with past life seasons, I am drawn to finding a scriptual parallel to help me clarify my thoughts and discern my path.

***Important Note Worth Repeating
The faith language I use is that of the Protestant church. I grew up with those words and it is how I know to describe that which is larger than me. Faith is profoundly personal and I understand that my words are not the words used by all persons.***

I had an Advent That Would Not End during which I waited expectantly and then waited more. I wandered in the desert, blessedly not for forty years. There was the Longest Lent Ever when Alleluias were absent from my heart.

And now this time. A time between times.  Anne-girl and I tried out a few possible parallels that didn’t quite fit. I’m not wandering so the desert and the wilderness are out. The destination isn’t precisely clear so maybe not following the star.

She thought of it first. Noah and the flood?

Oh, yes. Leaving what is known. Purposefully taking some things with and leaving some things behind. Ready to welcome new growth and new experiences.  Not sure exactly when to get out of the boat or where the new life will begin. And in the meantime, sitting in the boat with family and animals and animal poo.

That sounds about right.

Our knitting friend said something beautiful and simple a few days before her passing. “I don’t need to be places I don’t need to be.”

Not floundering in the waters. Not drowned or lost. I will continue to be intentional about what is left behind and what is carried with. I will send out the raven and the dove. I will stay in the boat, waiting for the right time, knowing that dry land and the rainbow are not too far away.


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