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Sock 2015 5.1 Watermelon Cheese

May 16, 2015


We went to dinner the night of our friend’s birthday. The house salad, shared around the whole table, was full of deliciousness.  Greens, cheeses, watermelon, and more.

Mrs. Carnegie is not a watermelon fan. She carefully maneuvered the perfectly pink pieces from her plate to mine. One escaped onto the table. A couple flew off the table and right into my purse, landing squarely atop the sock in progress.

The pink in the socks made it challenging to find all of the watermelon.

Mrs. Carnegie apologized, the rest of us laughed. The parmesan watermelon bits were eventually separated from the almost sock.


I announced, “Now they are watermelon cheese socks.” We laughed more.

Today at the memorial picnic I finished the first sock. One more watermelon cheese sock to go!


These beautiful flowers were all along the road near where we celebrated today.  I think they are Red Eastern Columbines. Inspiration for the next pair of socks!



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