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August 19, 2015


The smallest smallish bear and I had a quick kitchen adventure yesterday. A gift of many cucumbers inspired us to try refrigerator pickles.

Lady Bug wondered if these would be as salty as The Saltiest Pickles in the World, which were the ones we’d ended up with the last time we tried this experiment.  I told her I hoped these would be different. If not delicious,  then at least edible!


We used this recipe from Once Upon a Chef. The steps were quick and easy. In less than half an hour we had two jars of pickles in the making.  The hardest part was waiting a whole day to try them.


They smelled briny and amazing. Bright and fresh.


Lady Bug was delighted that their saltiness was of an acceptable degree. She thought they were a touch spicy, but I think they are just right.


A perfect summer endeavor and a much appreciated success at the end of a difficult day.

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