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Day Twelve: Housework

November 12, 2015


The bears and I are planning to decorate the front window of the house for Christmas. We are gathering ideas and supplies and soon (not too soon) we’ll begin hanging shiny things up and stepping back and adjusting until all of the sparkles are in just the right places. As I write this, I am adding to the list of things we need – lights. It will be more fun if the window is lit so the glittering joyfulness can welcome us home after dark too.

There are many more necessary, utilitarian tasks than decking the halls. A gutter needs sealing and at least one bathroom still needs a curtain.

These are important, but making space for light and joy is important too. The winter is dark and cold. We have to find the light and make more of it to share.

I want the smallish bears to see this in action. As we make pies to share for Thanksgiving dinner, gather food and paper products year-round for the food pantry, I want them to understand that the smallest acts of kindness and service built into our daily routines spread joy beyond our knowledge and truly make a difference in the world. My hope is that they too choose to be and share light. And that this practice will help on days when their light is not so bright or easily found. I am learning this too.

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