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Day Fourteen: A Smallish Project

November 14, 2015


Lady Bug has been pestering me to sew with her. She is still learning and also enjoys the company. I am not always patient about either of these things.

I’ve already stalled her for two days. “Choose your fabric tonight and we’ll look at it tomorrow!”

Today was the day. “I’m going to make napkins!”

“How many?”


I mentally prepare for a long afternoon.  She continues, “Seven of the blue flower ones, seven of the red flower ones, and as many purple bunny ones as I can with that piece.”

The blue fabric is tested on a water spill to see if it is napkin-worthy. We agree that it is both soft and absorbent.

She cuts out the first napkin. It is approximately the size of a toddler sock. We already have six “napkins” like this. I want to call her attention to the problem without being a total squelcher.  “Compare that to the size of one of the napkins in the cabinet.”


“It’s too small,” she wails and immediately comes up with a solution. “I’ll cut four pieces like this and sew them together!”

We are never going to get through these napkins.

She cuts one more piece and has another inspiration. “I know! I can cut two blue ones and two red ones and then sew them!”


We sew. We pin.


We trim. We fix tangled threads and wind a bobbin.

And then…


…we have a napkin.

“I’m hungry. Let’s be done for today, please.” She looks worried I’ll make her finish the fourteen-plus napkin plan.

“It looks great. Let’s eat!”


She devours her pasta, wiping her mouth more often than usual. It is a very nice napkin.

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