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Day Sixteen: Present and Pleasant

November 16, 2015


Both of the bears are happier when Pablo and I are able to spend time with them in active, present ways. I have to admit, my tolerance for unending hands of Go Fish is low. Quality time is not my strong suit. Gifts? Easy. Time? Harder. Time when I am also expected to be fully engaged and not multi-tasking? Nigh on impossible.

But not completely impossible. Presence was one of the words I wanted to focus on in 2015. It sat in the back of my mind, patiently waiting until I chose to pay attention.

When Lady Bug asked to join the choir for our special concert, I wanted to say no. She completely avoided that moment by asking the director first. Rehearsing next to her has been frustrating and fun. She absolutely beams when it’s our time to sing.

Lima Bean is less direct about her demands for presence. She wants me to sit near her, but not initiate interaction. I am learning how to do this on her terms and am beginning to reap rewards. Rewards that involve more opportunities to be present. (Since when did she want to play games with me??)

They are both dramatic. One embraces it and one tries (unsuccessfully) to hide it. In an effort to cultivate what needs cultivating in all of us, I thought maybe it was time to break out the good stuff.

Presenting the Smallish Bears and Friends Shakespeare Company!


Even the Kettle Slayer has joined in.
One of these bears is openly enjoying herself.  The other can’t quite admit she’s having fun.



Little by little. Present and Pleasant is the mantra of the moment. This is a good thing.

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