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Day Twenty-one: Evidence

November 21, 2015


The entire week is here on this table. Evidence of days full of blessings. There is a bright and sunny housewarming plant and early birthday presents. The Christmas Book with Vital Information for 2015 is open, ready for grandma’s questions and emails to aunties. We drank all of the milk and I drank all of the Dr. Pepper. The larger bear had a sinus infection and we were able to quickly and easily get medicine. A friend stopped in for tea. The smallest bear got out the eggplant napkin rings for a pretty table (early in the week, when the table top was still accessible). We bought candy for the Advent Calendar and lights for the bannisters. Dear friends brought a card to celebrate our new home. A card and a truck load of firewood. I mended a homecoming dress. We gathered groceries in preparation for Thanksgiving feasting. A colleague gave me a gift basket as a thank you.

I was upset about this table all week. My instinct is to be impatient with myself and others because we can’t seem to pick up after ourselves regularly. Today I looked at the table and saw so many happy moments. I will still clean it up tonight, but as I put each thing away, I will remember to be thankful. I am ever reminded that our cups runneth over.

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