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Day Twenty-nine: 3:59 AM

November 29, 2015


My mum called at 3:59 AM to tell me my father was in emergency heart surgery. He is in hospital now, recovering, with more surgery on the horizon this week.

Needless to say, the day was not quite what I had planned. I made the drive to Monterey, ever astounded by the beautiful mountain views. We haven’t had snow yet.

I spent an hour with this beauty.


I learn something about her with every visit. Today I learned that if I’m heavy on the stops and add the swell to the great, the action is labored. It was work to get through the postlude as I’d voiced it. Work well worth it.

I stopped in to my home church to see the decorating. One of our focuses is on intergenerational events, connecting our youngest and oldest. This is my favorite image from today.


These connections are beautiful to me. I am glad that my bears know extra grandmas and grandpas. They have an Auntie Brigade that is large in number. They know adults in the church care about them and value their presence. The bears missed decorating this year and were disappointed. I was happy to learn that the tradition was important to them too.

Now at the end of the day, the bears are home from their journey, the grandpa is resting, the sanctuary is bedecked in blue and waiting our return.

I am easing into another baby project. My cousin’s son is still small, but my needles had better fly for this one!


Advent has begun.  My favorite season of the Church Year. Waiting in community. What will surprise us this year?

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