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Two Steps Forward

December 3, 2015

December Desk

November was supposed to be recover the desk area month. I am happy to report that some of these items are newly deposited, but it is obvious we have not achieved recovery yet.

Sometimes when the bears have a particularly rough day, we end the night with, “Try again tomorrow!”

So now December becomes Tidy the Desk month and we try again.

What is the space supposed to be? I keep coming back to this question. Am I even a desk person?

I like to write letters at the desk. And to pay bills. And it’s a good surface for little crafty projects that need a flat space. The window is good for inspiring daydreams.

If the desk was gone, what would I want in that space? This is one of my favorite house-y questions. What belongs here?  Can it be an empty space? Are there items living on the desk that couldn’t live elsewhere?

I want the desk. I want to be a desk person. Let’s see how December plays out.


November Desk

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