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2016 NYR Check-in One

January 9, 2016


These smallish bears are one  (two?) of the reasons I work so hard toward my goals. I want them to see the value of effort, the lessons of success, and the important experience that comes with missing the mark or deciding that a particular path is not the way you really wanted to go after all. They inspire me to be more joyful and more present. I am happy we get to be part of each others’ lives.

This week I did not work on any quilting projects, nor did I get out the spinning wheel. I did knit a little.

I wrote almost every day. No letters yet, but I did make sure at least one birthday card was delivered. I’d like to be better at birthdays.

One deposit into the savings account and two extra bits paid into the car loan. Almost done with that one!


548.09 miles to go. I’ll be making more time for walking next week!

For the 2016 Book Riot Read Harder Challenge, I finished Dragonsong by Anne McCaffrey. It was originally published in the decade I was born.  This book is slooooow. I wanted it to be more compelling than it was for me. Many of my reader friends have fond memories of this series and this first book in particular. I wonder if I’d read it when I was younger if it would have grabbed me sooner.  The last couple of chapters did catch my interest and I will be reading the next book.  Lady Bug turns ten soon. These may be just the thing for her too.


There were many moments this week in which to practice presence and grace. I am glad there will be just as many chances next week too.  Bedtime is becoming easier as the benefits are proving to be undeniably wonderful. I am a much nicer and happier person after good sleep.

How is the new year treating you? How are you treating yourself in the new year?

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