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Sunday Sunshine

January 24, 2016


Today was a good day for collecting joy. I was encouraged in my faith and in my parenting journey by my second church family. It is still amazing to me to have found this place in addition to my regular faith community. Hooray for the music and friendship that brought me here!

The sermon was challenging and funny without being pithy. A call to live apart from vengeance and apart from division. I want to listen again when I’m not distracted by music work.


This was a split Sunday, with me dividing my time between the organ  (isn’t she beautiful?) and the piano. A bit of back and forth led to an unforeseen moment that nearly caused me to giggle my way off the piano bench.

I played half the postlude leaning precariously to my left, trying my hardest to keep the sun out of my eyes. Just at the end of the last verse to the last hymn I knew it was going to be a problem, but couldn’t shove the piano the right direction in time. I did manage to shove it, oh yes, but only made matters worse.

Better the postlude than the hymn. At least I wasn’t trying to sing any words! I can only imagine what the parishoners thought. They were kind enough not mention my sideways shenanigans.  Maybe they didn’t notice!


And sunshine! I cannot complain about sunshine especially on these bitterly cold days. The drive back home was full of light.

After church I ran two errands that  involved minor blips threatening to become impossible barriers. I do this. Do you do this? One small thing isn’t in the right spot at the right time and suddenly a simple thing becomes large and unconquerable. 

Not today. I didn’t have the gifts, but ran home to pick them up and made sure they were delivered on time.


I didn’t have the receipt for the wrong-sized tablecloths I purchased yesterday (how does that even happen?), but I went to the store and they let me exchange them without any trouble at all. Done and done!

I found beautiful things at the second-hand shop. What lovely things will these yarns decorate?


And do you see that tablecloth?  The Kettle Slayer has been hinting to me that Christmas is over. I’ll get to the little tree and Nativity later. Before Easter.

Another find from today is this cross stitch picture. I’m not sure exactly where this will end up. I have ideas. Maybe the center panel of a quilt?


My sunshiney day wrapped up with another Fine Cooking success and finally quiet time by the fire. Snacks, writing, knitting, peace.


Where did you find joy today? Sometimes we have to dig deep to find it. Sometimes we have to stock up for a joyless day ahead. Keep your heart open!

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