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Admin Rights

February 4, 2016


My workplace is in the middle of a large project. I get to help a little, mostly by sorting out small things that may or may not be big things and getting them to the right people. Sometimes I get a little more responsibility, but right now I am in an in between role.

Tonight I was on deck to help with printers. This is a little amusing because I don’t even have local admin rights to add much to anyone’s computers. Even so, I am good at troubleshooting and am even helpful most of the time.

We had an urgent call from a department working on printing out many reports before one of our applications would be unavailable. “Magic Princess!” The summons came loud and clear across the phone line. “Quick, we need your help!”

I knew this was serious. We were on a tight timeline and any delays could become problematic. “I will go,” I answered quickly, “but I’d like to take Flutterby with me. She has more priveleges than I do.”

Permission was quickly granted and we hurried downstairs.

We were ushered into the locked department and greeted by a harried, but friendly coworker. “We’re here to help,” I announced.

“Great! So the reports are going to spit out here and you’ll need to put each patient in their own packet, staple them, and alphabetize them. When the whole unit is done, they go over on the other table.”

I looked at Flutterby.  She looked at me and smiled just a tiny smile. “I do have stapler rights.”


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