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The Tafty Bits

April 14, 2016


My dear friend, the Anne-girl, gave me the best advice today. We were discussing my latest ambitious read and how I wasn’t sure I’d get through the nearly 900 pages of early twentieth-century US politics even though the people were so interesting.

Can you just focus on the Tafty bits?, she asked. And we dissolved into giggles at the dinner table.

I love it. I’ve been in a funk lately. Not answering letters, general blah, post-house-buying overwhelmedness. What if, instead of drowning in the details, I just focused on the Tafty bits?

Tafty is so close to tasty that I think we can declare them synonymous. I can imagine it in colonial script when the f symbol was written without the crossbar, making it look like a giant flowy ess.

Today’s Tafty bits:
Two walks in the bright spring sun
Dinner made by The Kettle Slayer
Both bears home safely
Rhyming words for no reason
Finishing a quilt back
Learning to use my new weights
Warm milk with honey
Having a few minutes to read

This is a good plan.


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