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A Room Somewhere 

December 29, 2016

My new room is turning out to be a cozy and inspiring space. I asked Lady Bug if we could trade rooms. She, practical as always, asked me why. I went on some long philosophical rambling about how I wanted a space with less darkness, a space that felt true. She let me talk for a bit and then stopped me. “Mom. Do you just need a change of scenery ? ”

We are still in the middle of The Great Bookcase Shuffle of 2016. It will take a few more weeks to complete the shift. The important things are here.

Some sparkly circles.

One enormous chair and my favorite lamp, a gift from Library Fairy and Spartacus. How precious that they gave me light!

I went on a mad hunt for one more curtain to match the green leaves I already had. When they were still on the shelves, I made a trip to a store an hour away to get a second one. This time I scoured online auctions and found exactly what I wanted. I love the morning light through these leaves.

The closet needs a curtain or two. I will likely make those myself. (And so many projects to finish!)

And, of course, there is a mysterious pile of stuff that still has no real home. I think some of this was meant to become quilts.

We’ll work on the books and artwork this weekend. A change of scenery was just right.

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