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Ghana Time

February 3, 2023

Easing back into everyday life and acutely aware of how urgent everything feels. Do we need to hurry everywhere? Pack every moment full? I’m feeling a giant no about that.

On arrival day in Ghana we spotted a soon to be familiar sight: goats! There were goats everywhere. Our group was easily amused by any animal sighting.

Goats in Accra.

It was hot.

Another goat!

We piled into the Jesus van, ten of us plus luggage, with overflow luggage in a second car. Our cultural liaison and driver extrodinaire dodged potholes, missing road sections, motorbikes, and pedestrians. Those signs we have saying “Motorcycles are Everywhere,” don’t have it quite right for the US. We have not fully explored the Everywhere option. Bikes behind, ahead, passing on both sides both directions at once. We were immediately grateful none of us had to jump into driving!

Jesus Van
Jesus Van – exterior

Still getting to know each other, we spent time changing money, getting phone cards, and walking through the mall. Jet lagged and travel-weary, a quiet spell by the hotel pool under the moon was just right. Ghana adventures had begun!

Signs of Ghana – Exit
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