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September 23, 2013

2013-09-23 07.22.17   The past two weeks have been pretty busy.  What was supposed to be eleven work days in a row turned into nine plus a sick day and one last day of work.  Friday was the start of Freshgrass, the bluegrass festival hosted by one of my favorite places – MASS MoCA.  The bears weren’t too sure they would have a good time, but both enjoyed being outside and I may have caught more than one of them dancing a little.

On Saturday morning, I had the honor of singing for a friend’s mother’s memorial service.  Saturday afternoon/evening we were back at the festival.  Seeing Alison Brown was certainly the highlight of my night.  We were able to spend a couple of hours in the galleries as well.  Ladybug hadn’t seen the phoenix yet.  It was a treat to watch her take it all in.


2013-09-22 08.56.11I left everyone sleeping soundly early Sunday morning and made my way down to the Monterey UCC.  The views along the way are breathtaking.  The organ and I had a little fight, but I prevailed and the music went well.  It is a beautiful building with beautiful people gathering in it.  I was able to overhear one of the best Sunday School conversations.  As they discussed the upcoming Christmas program, one little girl asked if she could be a fairy.  The teacher quietly responded that there wasn’t much mention of fairies in the version they were using, but perhaps angel wings would be nice.  Another wanted to know if her baby brother could be Joseph.  “Little brothers make very good animals,” the teacher declared.  Finally one child asked, “How does Mary have the baby anyway?  Are we going to SHOW that part?”  I’m not sure which was more impressive, the teacher’s grace in handling it all or my ability to suppress my laughter.


On Sunday, my latest favorite band, Lake Street Dive, and Lima Bean’s must-see event, Elephant Revival, were on the schedule.  I enjoyed watching all of the babies dancing and the grown-ups dancing and everyone soaking up the music.  During one of many restroom trips, I asked Ladybug how she was enjoying the show.  She said she really wasn’t and went on to explain, “They are not saying one thing about reviving elephants!”  A woman in the adjoining stall burst out laughing.  I suppose it did feel like false advertising.

Picture taken by Ladybug herself

Picture taken by Ladybug herself

All of this excitement led up to Monday morning and a new work week.  On the way to the car, I spotted this lovely creature who perfectly sums up how I felt today: sluggish.  A quick trip to the internets led me to believe I’d encountered Limax maximusWikipedia says,” This species is not gregarious.”  Now I want to know which species are gregarious!  I am imagining slug cocktail parties with crazy networking going on.

2013-09-23 07.21.49

What beautiful things have all of you run into lately?

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