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Epiphany – It’s a Whole Season!

January 6, 2014


I knew, really I did, that Epiphany is two months or so long.  It’s been printed in bulletins that I’ve carefully stashed in my purse and announced from pulpits.  I knew it, but I didn’t really hear it/learn it until this week.

It’s okay though because I also learned something else: Epiphany is on a dimmer switch.  Our pastor shared with us this week that while the connotation of Epiphany is a sudden eureka type moment, it is really a journey, a season, and not so much that light switch being flung on and light blinding our eyes.

I like this.  Moving ever closer. 

He challenged us to think about three things:

1. It’s not about me.  (WHAT??  Sometimes I, as the Magic Princess, forget this.)

2. It is going to take time.  Again, as an instant gratification sort of girl, this idea can be a struggle.  Still, I like it.  Sit with these things.  Understand that the journey is important too.  Yes, Universe, I remember this was also the lesson of The Advent That Would Not End and The (not-quite) Forty Years in the Desert AND The Lent of Incessant Learning.  This takes time.  The time is important.  Quit being in such a hurry to be in the next place. 

3. Welcome the Unexpected Guest.  Who will show up in my world this season?  Will I be welcoming or closed off? 

I am thinking on these things today.  Today and through the season and I imagine beyond then too.  Another step forward. Forward sounds good to me.

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  1. roma1912 permalink
    January 7, 2014 4:31 pm

    Totally agree with “quit being in a hurry to the next place” while ever we are doing that we will never appreciate what is being taught to us in this moment in time, as you step forward don’t forget to look around at all life has on offer. 😀

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