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There Were Stars

January 8, 2014


A planned computer downtime this morning gave me the opportunity to be at work at 4 AM.  This is early for me.  And it is super-crazy-cold here.  And today was a half-day for bears.  And I needed to drive my sister and nephew to the airport in the afternoon.

It all added up to a loooong day.  In the still morning, I got to see the stars. They were beautiful.   In the busy afternoon, I got to see my nephew sleeping and the glorious Berkshire Mountains with the rocky sides cut out for the road covered in ice.  In the evening, I got to see my warm bed and enjoy a cup of tea.  It is not the sort of day I would have planned for myself.  It was the right sort of day after all.

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  1. January 8, 2014 6:48 pm

    marvelous everyday blessings of this place.

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