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Things I Love: Saturdays

February 8, 2014


Today was opera day.  I am still humming bits and pieces of Rusalka as I finish tidying the bookshelves in my little room.  The opera was beautiful.  I am already plotting to steal a Saturday next month to go again. 

The bookshelves were becoming messier than I care to live with.  The organ music was all mixed up with the knitting magazines and the cookbooks were intermingled with Beethoven.  Not terrible, but definitely time for a good clear out.  I think about thirty pounds of assorted paper clutter made its way to the free shelf or to the recycling bin this week. (Coding books from 2007? No idea why I was saving those.)

The shelves look nicer, I can find what I’m looking for, and there’s a whole pile of beautiful magazines ready to be skimmed through and then made into more beautiful things.

I do enjoy these Saturdays.  Music and home.  One happy Magic Princess.


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