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What It Takes

February 9, 2014


As is usually the case around these parts, there are several projects going at one time.  I have been trying to be faithful to keeping the small, portable projects for work out of the house, and keeping the larger more sprawling (possibly involving the sewing machine) projects at the top of the work pile at home.

Sometimes I am very good at this, but lately the allure of the quickly finished small project had found me spending all available free time knitting up tiny things.  And socks.


I cut the binding for Lady Bug’s table runner about a quarter of an inch too narrow and it made all the difference between quickly sewing the whole thing up by machine or spending hours pushing my needle through several layers of thickish fabric.  My thimble was missing for a while and that was a lovely excuse to put it off.  Then it turned up (precisely where it belonged – hrmph) and I had to move on to the excuse of being distracted by super-cute birds.  And then that bookshelf truly needed straightening.  The table runner had only part of one long side and half a short side to go, but no progress was in sight.

Today I was able to spend a couple of hours by the woodstove at a friend’s home.  Knowing the sewing would go quickly with the distractions of conversation and cupcakes, I packed the table runner. And a sock, just in case!

Just a couple of hours later, all the sewing was done.  Lady Bug is pleased.  One more project off the list.


What’s next?  Well, there are a couple of quilts hanging out awaiting some attention.


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