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Soup Season – First Soup

September 21, 2014


Simple and rich, this scallop chowder was bland in color, but full of warm and comforting flavor. 

I stuck close to the recipe this time around – onions, butter, potato, scallops, and scalded milk.  I can’t remember the last time I scalded milk on purpose!

Next time, I’ll add some bacon or spicy sausage, corn if we have any, and leeks, shallots, or garlic to add to the onions.  The Kettle Slayer reached for the hot sauce right away and that most certainly added another warm layer of taste.


I think this book came from Bird Girl. (Thank you!!) The chowder is the first recipe I’ve made from it. I love it when the first recipe is a success; it makes venturing into the others a much more optimistic journey.

The book is divided into seasonal chapters each describing the bounty of New England’s farms, forests, and waters.  I think it will be a delicious adventure.


comfort food

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