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Broken Things

September 22, 2014


A crash, a gasp, a dash to the kitchen. My precious spice rack upside down on the floor, its contents spread across the kitchen.  I took a very deep breath and drove straight to the grocery to pick up a bottle of the caffeinated beverage I’d sworn off that morning.


A few sips in and I felt ready to face the damage.  Ceramic chicken – broken. Ceramic little person feeding the chicken – broken. Tea cup from my grandmother – broken. Beautiful platter – hit by ricocheting vinegar bottles and broken. Seven little blue baking dishes safe and one – broken.

The Amazing Survivor Rooster is unharmed.


And, much to my delight, both the spice rack and the advent calendar are all right. Little wooden Mary and Baby Jesus were knocked off the seat next to Joseph, but will be easily fixed.



advent calendar - 2012

Why are things so important?  I spent time yesterday repeating all of the good things.  No one was hurt. No expensive wall repairs. I have other platters. I was already decluttering.

It wasn’t very comforting. Thank goodness for soup and kind words and tea. And for The Kettle Slayer who put everything back together today. More deep breaths. More perspective.  All is well.


a tiny bit of peace

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