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Things I Love: Time in the Kitchen

September 27, 2014


The tomato jungle yielded great abundance. Tonight we celebrated with an herby tomato sauce over grilled flank steak. Food, wine, friends capped off a beautiful day in the middle of the most gorgeous fall I’ve experienced in the Berkshires. My afternoon in the kitchen was just what I needed to refresh my soul.

We might not have too many years left with Lima Bean at home. She knows how to make a few things to eat and reminded me this morning, “there is this thing called grilled cheese,” so she won’t starve when she’s out on her own.  Still, I feel like we can do a little (a lot) better than that. 

She’s been charged with making a list of ten things she likes to eat, but doesn’t know how to make.   I saw the sparkle in her eye and headed her off. “If you say ‘toaster strudel’, you will learn to make them. From scratch.”

Lima Bean in the kitchen. This promises to be full of small moments to remember.

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  1. brixton permalink
    September 28, 2014 12:33 am

    She comes from good grilled cheese-making stock. I wouldn’t worry on that front.

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