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Ham Salad Log

September 28, 2014


I never buy ham salad. My mind associates the taste, sight, and smell with cat food.  Not for people!

A friend had some homemade ham salad and it was offered to me. I accepted politely, held my breath, and forced myself to take a bite. 

It was delicious. Now I’m off on a ham salad adventure, trying it from every restaurant and deli I encounter.

I ate ham salad for breakfast yesterday.  In the bath. Total decadence.

Today a friend and I had snacky things for lunch and we discovered that ham salad and Hosta Hill Crimson Kraut on a cracker is a heavenly combination.


Next on the list to try is making my own. I have all the ingredients I think I’ll need. This will be a lot like egg or tuna salad: heavy on the personal preference.  Pickles?  Hard boiled eggs? Spicy or mild? Horseradish?? So many variations to explore.

Maybe my cat food associations are really with deviled ham and I’ve just been missing out on this wonderful treat all these years. Time to play catch-up!

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  1. September 29, 2014 11:12 pm

    You will not be surprised to learn that I first had ham salad at my grandparents’. I think meat salads of this type were the primary reason Gram had the grinder attachment for her KitchenAid.

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