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Rest & Delight

January 10, 2015


The book Miss E suggested has been interesting, but is not yet compelling. We are reading Living the Sabbath by Norman Wirzba. I like the idea of finding rest and delight by being both educated and intentional about the practice of Sabbath.

Early in the book the author makes an argument that eating, specifically moving away from the packaged meat industry, is one way to lead ourselves into Sabbath. The discussion seems to come out of nowhere in chapter one. Even though I agree that there is a responsibility associated with making our food choices, the sudden shift from intellectual and spiritual premises to, hey, you should really be growing your own food, was distracting and strange.  Maybe the later chapters will put things into a more solid context.

In the meantime, I continue on my own paths of rest and delight. Today was full of smallish bears, singing, cooking, and knitting. A perfect sort of Saturday.


This sock is special.  It is the first sock of 2015 AND it is the first sock I’ve made that doesn’t use a short-row heel. It came out nicely!


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