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2015 Sock 1.1

January 12, 2015


A bit of Valentine knitting for smallish bears is about to interrupt this beautiful pair of green socks.  Both bears have asked for knitted objects recently and I am happy to oblige.

The new heel turned out to be comfortable and pretty! The only thing I will change for the second sock is to bind off with the next size larger needle. I always forget to do that and then my top edge is a wee bit tighter than I’d like it to be. It doesn’t make the socks uncomfortable to wear, just a little more difficult to get on.  This is the only downside I’ve found to knitting toe-up socks.


Lady Bug has been sighing over this sock. Every time she sees me working on it she tells me how pretty it is. I’m going to make her a pair too!  Lima Bean liked the latest incarnation of the arm warmers so she will be getting a pair of those soon too. The quilt will just have to wait!

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  1. January 15, 2015 8:33 am

    You are a sweet Mom to those bears.

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