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Neither Ice nor Cold nor…

January 13, 2015


As they do to many others, the dark and cold do a lot to weigh my motivation down in January.  This morning I slept past my alarm and was absolutely not interested in getting up. I was less interested in shuttling smallish bears to school or going to work. My cozy little apartment was so warm and inviting.  Before I even got out of bed I was trying to think of good reasons not to go to my first yoga class this afternoon. I packed my bag and mat anyway.

Once I got to work, I started to look forward to class. And then work got crazy and I almost couldn’t leave. I raced to the car, hoping there was still enough time to drive to the studio, find a parking place, change, and make it to class on time. When I got to the car the entire inside of the windshield was covered with ice. All of the other windows were completely clear.


What a change from the dark early morning! I cranked the defroster, thought warm thoughts, and determined I was going to get to the studio no matter what.  It was worth it.

We were asked to think of an intention for the hour or for ourselves in general. Healthy balance. Nothing is between this and me. Nothing will keep me from reaching that place. Neither cold nor ice nor dark of January. Nothing.

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  1. January 13, 2015 10:47 pm

    Frost on the inside of the windshield really sucks, we used to have the same problem with the frost on the inside of the windows in our car too. There is a really easy and cheap solution that works great though! All you need is a reusable container and some baking soda, fill the container and leave it in your car, when you leave the car to go anywhere just open the container and leave it sitting in the windshield. When you get back there won’t be frost in the windshield because the baking soda will have absorbed the moisture in the air that was causing the frost. It sounds like a really stupid thing to do but it really does work like a charm (even at -20 degree celcius weather) and it saves a lot of time waiting for the car to warm up or trying to scrape the inside of your windshield clear. I hope this trick helps! 🙂

  2. January 15, 2015 8:28 am

    Well done. Thank you for sharing this! Love you.

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