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Shuttle Bus at Rest

February 5, 2015


Today was full of shuttling. Bears to school, one at a time. Kettle Slayer to work. Lemon Tree to the airport. Me home. Bears home from school, one at a time. I am an excellent shuttle bus.

The skies over the New York part of the trip were blue and clear. The sunshine made the trip that much more gorgeous. It was a good day for a drive.

The smallest (and today the sassiest) smallish bear is off to bed. I am stealing a quiet moment in my little room. My new hat is off to a great start.


Min Hatt

Lemon Tree’s visit came just at the right time for me. This being a mama business is exhausting work. It is good to remember that I am a person outside of motherhood and good for my bears to have amazing role models. Listening to Lemon Tree’s stories they saw how independent she was. How she chose her path as best she could and made adjustments when the unexpected cropped up. They watched her laugh and be quiet. They watched her rest and work. I am thankful these bears have so many strong and happy women to look up to.


Lemon Tree at Play

Tonight, my little room is just where I needed to be. In the middle of the smallest bear’s monologue of sass, I buried my head in the couch and laughed as quietly as I possibly could. I waited a few minutes to follow her, making sure my serious face was well in place. She has the hardest job – being the littlest. She assured me that tomorrow she would only be angry with her sister some of the time. We’ll see.

For now, I’ll cuddle up here with quilt, and tea, knitting, and wine. Tomorrow, the shuttling begins again.


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